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FODMAPS; not a catchy name but a very important food group!

FODMAPS; what’s that about then?! Fermentable Oligo Di Mono-saccharides And Polyols These are foods that have been found to make the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome worse. Therefore people diagnosed with, or who think they might have IBS, should follow a low FODMAP diet. FODMAPS don’t get digested easily, they ferment and create gas (wind) […]

How to beat exam stress

Things the prospectus doesn’t tell you #17: Revision and exams John Wilford, Sport Exercise & Health   Arrrggghhh.  Are your days broken down into 30-minute, colour-coded blocks of revision? Getting up early to claim a library desk? Staring at notes and screens until your eyes throb?  Before you know it the day ends, you’re hungry, […]