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Contraception! Get it sorted with Students’ Health Service…

Congratulations and welcome to Bristol, a fantastic city to study in and with endless fun to be had…Fresher’s week, parties, music venues, new friends, new surroundings and, last but not least, a new university course to get to grips with!   So before you get stuck in, get all your contraceptive needs sorted with us! […]

Think about sex day; Valentine’s Day 2014!

Are you thinking about sex? Maybe. Studies tell us that on average you will do 19 times a day if you’re a man, and 10 times a day if you’re a woman! It’s normal! What sort of thoughts? The more graphic thoughts I will leave to your imagination but there are numerous reasons why people […]

Anything Goes

Just returned from a backpacking trip? I bet you have brought back lots of souvenirs, mementos, memories, photos, a lovely tan…? What about Chlamydia, Genital Warts, Herpes, or even HIV? Yes that innocent looking, healthy, gorgeous person you had unprotected sex with may look like they are clean or may have reassured you they have […]

Contraception; your options!

Dear students, and in particular those new to the university and Bristol. Welcome! You have picked a great city and it’s an exciting time for you all. Parties, Fresher’s week, new friends, often your first time away from home and a new course to get stuck into. First let me introduce myself. I am Dr […]


“To be great is to be misunderstood”  So wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson, American poet. He wasn’t talking about the Pill, (it was the 19 th century) but he should have been!  Contraception IS great, but it is very often misunderstood… We all have an opinion on it, but do we have all the facts?  At Students’ […]