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Feeling Pale and Pasty?!

Feeling pale and pasty? Feel like a quick visit to the tanning salon to use the sun bed? Think again…. Recent research published in the British Medical Journal has shown evidence that the increase in use of artificial sources of ultraviolet radiation such as indoor tanning devices like sun beds is associated with an increase […]

Online resources for medical matters

For someone who never went to medical school Dr Google seems to be an incredibly popular and sought after ‘specialist’.  A significant number of people will turn to the internet for information and advice before seeking professional help, and this is a good idea in the right context. There are some fantastic resources out there, […]

Art and Wellbeing

  Art and Wellbeing by Dr Emma Webb Appreciation of beauty is a part of maintaining happiness whether you find it in the arts, the natural world, human connections or other experiences. It has a positive effect on our sense of well being. Appreciation of art can enrich us through its message whether that is […]

Sit less, Move more!

Ignoring your parents, and other ways to save your life by John Wilford   “Don’t do that” “Put that down” “Don’t talk with your mouth full”  Familiar ‘instructions’ heard by kids, of all ages.  Now the truly disgusting ones…  “Sit down!” “Sit still!”  Mum, you got it so wrong.  If you are reading this sitting […]

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