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Self-injury awareness day

March 1st marks ‘self-injury awareness day’, a global movement signified by the wearing of an orange ribbon, which aims to increase the awareness of self-injury and challenge many of the misconceptions surrounding this. What is self-injury? Self-injury, also known as ‘self-harm’ or ‘cutting’, describes how someone intentionally inflicts physical injury to their own body without […]

Eating Disorders Awareness Week; 24 February 2014.

Beat, the Eating Disorders Charity, is running a national awareness week called ‘Sock it to Eating Disorders’ this week. It is a light hearted way to bring people together, do a bit of fundraising, and raise the profile of a devastating group of conditions. As a GP at Students’ Health I deal with such conditions […]

It’s Time to Talk about Mental Health! #TimetoTalk

This weeks blog is a quiz! Time to stop the stigma surrounding mental ill health. See how much you know in the attached short quiz, via the link below. Scroll to the bottom of the linked page to see the Myth/ Fact quiz. Then spread the word. It’s OK to talk about mental health! […]

Smart drugs; how much of a risk are you prepared to take?

“We simply don’t know how chronic drug treatment will affect ‘healthy’ brain function in future years.” So says Professor Barbara Shahakian of the University of Cambridge, on the subject of cognition enhancing medications. The newspapers and their online equivalents have recently been full of stories about using such so called ‘smart drugs’, for example to […]

Camping; a cure for insomnia?

I was fascinated to read a new bit of research published in August, when so many of our students were off camping. Sadly I don’t think festival camping will count, but if you were in the outback, somewhere with minimal night lights and sitting by the camp fire, then well done!   It seems […]

A student’s account of depression

I’m sick of waking up every morning and just being unbelievably tired, I never get to not feel tired, especially now. And it’s so frustrating because when I’m not tired, or when I’m working well then I’m actually pretty good, but when I’m not I’m just awful, and I can’t work and it’s horrible. I […]

I’d rather admit I like Justin Bieber

Obviously an extreme example, but apparently us blokes would rather own up to liking the irritating pint-sized pop prince than admitting we’re feeling down. We’d rather admit to being a bad driver, not liking football and having problems getting an erection.  All rather than opening up and saying, “I feel crap”. Are we stuck with […]

‘Safeguarding adults’; what does that mean?

Every adult has a right to respect dignity, privacy, equity and a life free from abuse. That is the firmly held belief of all those who work here at Students’ Health Service, and we see our role partly as being here to protect ‘vulnerable adults’. Many of us hear that phrase and think of adults […]

Online resources for medical matters

For someone who never went to medical school Dr Google seems to be an incredibly popular and sought after ‘specialist’.  A significant number of people will turn to the internet for information and advice before seeking professional help, and this is a good idea in the right context. There are some fantastic resources out there, […]

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 11th Feb 2013

Student-Run-Self-Help (SRSH) is a national charity that aims to support students suffering from eating disorders by providing a safe space for students to talk within student-run group sessions. We are driven by young people’s personal experiences of living with mental health issues and aim to provide a confidential, non-judgmental, welcoming environment for those who need […]

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