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A word from our friendly local addiction specialist dr

Hello there, a brief update from my world as an Addiction Psychiatrist.   There have been big changes to how NHS services are providing support to people with alcohol and drug problems in Bristol over the last year. We are now providing services as part of ROADS (Recovery Orientated Alcohol and Drugs Service). This is a […]

Smart drugs; how much of a risk are you prepared to take?

“We simply don’t know how chronic drug treatment will affect ‘healthy’ brain function in future years.” So says Professor Barbara Shahakian of the University of Cambridge, on the subject of cognition enhancing medications. The newspapers and their online equivalents have recently been full of stories about using such so called ‘smart drugs’, for example to […]

Legal Highs; a dangerous lottery

For the team at Students’ Health the ‘Festival Season’ usually heralds a significant increase in the number of cases of Trench Foot we deal with. A combination of knee deep mud for 3 days and cheap footwear is guaranteed to lead to a consultation for a grim looking foot with bits hanging off. However we […]

Club Drugs; help is at hand!

My name is Dr Tim Williams and with my colleague Elaine Driver we run Bristol’s ‘Club Drug Clinic’. This is only the second such clinic nationally and is a response to changing trends of drug use in young people. In the last 10 years there has been a steady reduction in young people using drugs […]